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In l958, The American Medical Association validated hypnosis as a mainstream treatment. Extensive research reveals hypnosis as a potent pain killer, mood modulator and asset to behavioral change…all without the need for pills, surgery or other invasive measures.Hypnosis calls upon the mind’s capability to change its relationship to habit, pain, mental blocks, fears and phobias. And it is a pleasant, relaxing experience which reduces stress and all of its symptoms: high blood pressure, anxiety and an array of physical symptoms.

Hypnosis alleviates: hypertension, depression, anxiety, phobias, fears, panic attacks, pain, TMJ (clenching and grinding of teeth, tinnitus (ear ringing) and insomnia. There is evidence that it reduces IBS and acid reflux symptoms. Hypnosis helps people prepare for and recover from surgery and chemotherapy.

Hypnosis assist in losing and maintaining optimal weight. Recent research indicates that people using hypnosis lost twice as much weight as those following traditional diets and the hypnosis clients kept the weight off. The American Psychological Association considers hypnosis to be a valuable adjunct for the treatment of obesity.

Hypnosis alleviates stage fright, public speaking phobias and presentation jitters. It enhances creative problem solving and helps to remove writer’s block and other forms of “stuckness”. It works for exam preparation, enhancing memory and improving athletic performance.

In addition to weight loss, hypnosis benefits those who are truly ready to quit smoking or say farewell to unhealthy or unwanted habits and behaviors.

You are not asleep when you are in hypnosis; in fact you are more aware than you can imagine but deeply relaxed. Most of us go in and out of hypnosis all day long…a daydream is a little hypnosis event!

Anyone can learn self hypnosis and have willpower in the palm of their hand.

Quitting Smoking With Hypnosis:

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