Lighten Up!


A dynamic six week hypnocoaching course for weight loss and wellness:

How it works:
Hypnosis engages your subconscious mind which is your powerhouse (the subconscious mind is 8-10 times more powerful than your thinking mind). Willpower resides in your subconscious mind so in order to lose in a healthy and lasting way, you must lead with your subconscious mind.

“I am Angela Kiss and I just completed your 8 week course at Backus. I got great news today. Besides losing 10 pounds, my cholesterol dropped from 248 (one of the reasons my doctor ordered me to lose weight) to 177! My triglycerides went from 238 down to 101; all this since starting your class. I am very pleased with the results and now I am not dreading my next doctor’s appointment rather, looking forward to it! I am still very motivated to continue as I still have a long way to go with my weight. Thank you for your great course.”

“I went to my doctor today. She is Dr. Laura Watts at Women’s Care. She was extremely pleased with my results, (weight, blood levels, BMI and energy level). She said that she had met you, they also had your fliers around the office. She was very happy to have a patient who had been successful and said she wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to future patients. Thought you’d like to know!”
Angela K.

Coaching serves your thinking or conscious mind. This is where many obstacles arise in the weight loss process. Goal setting, making changes in food choices and exercise are all part of the coaching process. Turn sabotaging thoughts and behaviors into healthy actions and watch your slender self emerge!When your subconscious mind and your brain are in agreement you’ll lose weight easily, naturally and in a sustainable way. Hypnocoaching negotiates this dynamic agreement. The LIGHTEN UP! process ends yo-yo dieting, cravings and exercise resistance forever. LIGHTEN UP! in a unique blend of individual hypnosis, individual and group hypnocoaching, personal coaching, diet, nutrition and exercise consultation.

“I’m having such great success with hypnotherapy and eating for my blood type. All of my aches and pains have disappeared (something I haven’t had in over 5 years). I have lots of energy, no more couch potato, I’m losing weight, 21 pounds thus far, and my blood pressure plummeted. I suspect I might not need my hypertension meds any longer and my outlook is positive. My daughter and sister would like to know their blood types so they can eat by blood types as well since they see such a positive difference in me; one would like to be pain free and the other needs to lose a substantial amount of weight. I would greatly appreciate it.”
Pat Delude

The Program:
During six group sessions you’ll discover your own unique food management plan, your ideal weight and how to convert cravings into healthy actions. You’ll receive a hypnosis CD to jumpstart your healthy weight plan. You will also learn self hypnosis which will keep you on track and feeling great.

Cost for a six week group session for Lighten Up with CD is $300.00

For individual consultations: $135

“The positive reinforcement has really been transforming. I’m a very cognitive person and I didn’t think hypnosis would work for me, but I was desperate to find a way to lose weight. I had tried all the other ways. I have about 100 pounds to lose so that I can get to a healthy weight. I’ve been married 30 years and my goal is to get back to my wedding weight. Jane Percy was an excellent facilitator and made the experience safe and positive.”
Elizabeth Moldenhauer

“Jane has created an innovative and truly cutting edge, mind-body approach to weight loss reduction. She is an outstanding teacher, skilled facilitator and gifted healer. Jane provides a sensitive, supportive and inspiring group dynamic that offers each participant the possibility of a truly life changing experience.”
Amy Dunion, RN, LMT, Coordinator
Wm. W. Backus Hospital Center for
Healthcare Integration (CHI)

LIGHTEN UP! Win at Losing : hypnosis for weight loss $20.00
THE BLESSING TREE: relax, imagine, heal…$15.00