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Lighten UpLighten Up! $14.00 Win at Losing Every year, millions of Americans spend billions of dollars on books and programs (not to mention drugs and surgery), each claiming to offer a weight loss solution. Some will lose weight but most fail and only a very few will maintain their loss.Imagine a weight loss program that tells you to put your feet up and relax deeply every day for 25 minutes while you listen to your self-hypnosis recording.

Imagine that while you relax, persistent cravings become healthy habits.

Imagine that every time you listen, your cortisol levels normalize and belly fat melts away.

Includes free MP3 Download

Sound Mind $20 Imagery for Wellbeing
Guided Imagery for relaxation, pain reduction and wellbeing. Soothing sounds and images which support a calm mind and optimal health.Relax, renew, recover, alleviate pain, anxiety, ideal listening for children and adults.
$20.00 plus $2.99 shipping and handling, total $22.99.

Lighten Up! $20 Win at Losing
Lighten Up, Win at Losing! A delightful hypnosis cd for daily listening and reinforcement of weight loss goals. Lose the stress, lose the weight!
$20 plus $2.99 shipping and handling, total $22.99


Lighten Up II, Time To Play $20

A companion to Win At Losing. Enjoy this nourishing hypnosis CD that activates healthy choices of food, exercise and attitudes. Lower blood pressure, reduce stress while losing weight.